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Who We Are

We are Safe Habits School of Driving and we are a newly-established driving school in Augusta-Richmond County. We are also Licensed & Approved through the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

We are driver training experts who help you to protect your most valuable asset(s):

Your son(s) and/or daughter(s) by helping them to drive safely and independently operate a motor vehicle, without a parent or driving instructor being present.

We offer intensive and rigorous driving lessons for many of the driving task that we perform daily. We teach proper 3-second following distance, space cushion, proper mirror adjustments, 3 driver lane positions, 6 space zones of effective space management, line of sight, safe path of travel, 3 point turns, proper use of turn signals, safe lane changes, hazard perception, safe intersection approaches, proper turning maneuvers, proper speed control & strict adherence to traffic control devices.

Students learn about the Point-of-No Return, escape routes, curbside judgement, the SIPDE Process and The Smith System. In addition, we equip students with the knowledge to successfully perform the 4 Basic Skills necessary to pass their Georgia Department of Driver Services Road Skills Test.

The 4 Basic Skills are Straight-Line Backing, Quick-Stop, Turnabout and Parallel Parking.

Students develop a greater awareness & understanding of traffic laws, voluntary compliance and accident prevention skills.